Product Packaging: Accessory Launch Kit

LG Product Packaging Accessory Launch Kit

Product Packaging like most medias begins with the end user in mind. By combining package design skills along with direct marketing best practices and a working knowledge of structural engineering—a launch kit starts to take form. It’s important that the product packaging in this is versatile in its ability to adapt to various LG accessories as they become available for launch. Inside, kits provide a quick overview of the accessory’s primary features along with a letter to the executive about the primary audience for this accessory. This helps with the sell-through of units for distribution within regional stores. It also helps internal staff better understand their product lines and likely audience for use.

Conceptually the client wanted to replace the aging existing product packaging with a more eco-minded design. Dimensional kits like this one were required to be durable enough to ship as the shipping box itself avoiding costs and waste. Included is a live unit being launched, a customized insert dawned the interior accessory through the lid, a letter, a product-specific brochure was added and a hidden compartment for securing any additional support accessories (if needed).

This accessory launch kit was designed to appear eco-friendly using a smaller footprint and printing inks directly onto the fluted raw corrugated cardboard. In addition, there was a smaller branded identity program included within this project with the branding of the “LG Fundamentals” with a logo design. This product packaging features a double-walled clamshell box design. Inside, the product display panel uses a grided hold pattern aligned with the printed design to allow for zip ties to easily secure the unit to the primary interior surface.

Provide three unique, but executable concepts for the presentation of the LG Accessory launch kit. Designs must be eco-minded and versatile in shape and design as to accommodate a variety of accessory launches. Upon concept selection, execute the development of the selected theme into a dimensional launch kit which is to be stocked and used for all product accessory launches.


Package Design: LG Neon II Executive Launch Kit

Role: Product Packaging, Concept Development & Design, Copy Headlines, Digital Renderings
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